Insight: More important than research are the insights we glean from the research.

Many researchers will tell you that research is a numbers game. LUCiD disagrees. We believe it’s a people game.  It’s here; deep within the research where the human condition meets observation, interaction and engagement.  We create and combine quantitative testing with qualitative research.

Because of the human element, Insight is an art.

We find, capture and distill this information into buckets, containers, and bullet type overviews for color coded sifted basins of data.
We take this data through a  1.collation process of creating large pockets of themed content  2. synthesizing process where we form thesis and ideas and the 3. final Drill Down and Calibration of this new intelligence.
This is a proven method to find the less then obvious, unknown and the much sought after gems and nuggests of information that fuel inspiration and break sales records.


“Give me insight into today and you may have the antique and future worlds.”

––Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Mr. Emerson means is that if we truly understand the Now, we can better learn from the past and influence the future.