photo credit @lenacorinna

Ideas never happen in a vacuum. Research drives strategy, which, in turn, drives ideas.

The easiest thing to accomplish is a tactic. We all know how to design and create a website or a video or a meeting or an email. But are these communications on strategy?

LUCiD helps to inform the process. We provide User data and insight that offers new targets, new ways to think and act. In short, parameters. Strangely, it’s easier to be creative with more parameters, inside a smaller box. LUCiD helps create the box.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the notion of ‘thinking outside the box’. The problem is, what’s inside the box is tried-and-true. We know that what’s inside the box works. Anything outside the box is a risk. Might pay off, might not.

When your entire company is User Centered, ideation is not only easier, it’s smarter.

Michael Koch, Insight Guide