Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, User Centered Design is in our name.

LUCiD stands for Leading User-Centered Intelligent Design.

Our process is based on the foremost UCD program in the world, The Design Council of London

The Design Council postulates a 4-D User-Centered Design process. The 4 ‘D’s stand for Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

Everything LUCiD does, from research to creation, is based on––and focused on––the end user. This fresh discipline, originating in this new millennium, is called User Centered Design. Good design, based on insight, can influence products, services, communication and yes, even the bottom line. UCD has energy. By incorporating UCD, LUCiD is able to shape perception.
We may use game theory, ethnography or metric related research centered around the users to help document the complex and find uses with the insight.

LUCiD is not an ad agency.

You would think that advertising agencies would understand UCD, and build communication around––and for––specific users or user groups. For many reasons, LUCiD’s solutions are rarely advertising. Storytelling, yes. Videos, yes. Even meetings. But rarely advertising. Advertising Agencies begin at Develop and Deliver while ignoring the first two critical steps, Discover and Define. Advertising agencies, of course, only know advertising, so their solutions are almost always advertising. The problem is, advertising is most often product-centric, not user-centric. So LUCiD is almost the polar opposite of an ad agency.

LUCiD is not a Design/Research firm.

Design/Research firms are typically excellent at conducting research and pulling out salient facts which may be actionable. But Design/Research firms do not know how to design their own communications to present their own findings, let alone how to communicate effectively with end users. Design/Research firms are strong in Discover and Define, but throw up their hands in helplessness when it comes to Develop and Deliver.

LUCiD is a unique hybrid of research and communications. Our training is in Discover and Define and our experience is in Develop and Deliver. Strategy and Visual Branding pervades every aspect of what we do. We even employ User Centered Design when displaying information. Because of UCD, we understand that people read less these days and absorb critical information through visuals more easily.