Meet Michael Koch, Insight Guide.

Insight Guide, Research and Analysis, Military background, Ethnography, User Centered Design, Graphic Design, father, Storyteller, Video Producer, Corporate Strategist, Screenwriter, Worked in Hollywood, Early adopter of technology, Influencer, Filmmaker, Internet savvy, Production Designer, Voice of Customer Developer.

Michael Koch’s indoctrination into data analysis and insight including visual storytelling began at 18 years of age. Michael attended The Naval and Marine Corp Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) in Dam Neck VA.  There he was trained as a Naval Intelligence Specialist in operational intelligence processes and procedures dealing in the collection, dissemination and communication of raw intelligence and data sets.  Michael then was assigned to USS Blue Ridge, LCC 19 and the office of Commander of the 7th Fleet, Vice Admiral Henry Mauz. For 18 months, he conducted daily intel briefings through secure broadcast and visual communications centered around military assets in the Pacific Theatre.

After his military service, Michael attended film school and holds two separate degrees in design, one of them his Master’s.

He was part of network television productions in Los Angeles, producing promotional programming for The History Channel, FOX, the Sci-Fi Channel and more.

Michael was also a Production Manager on Warner Bros Television “Extra”, coordinating crews in L.A., N.Y., Europe and the Pacific. He was a Production Coordinator for NBC and Disney and for live events including The Grammys and the Emmys.

Michael directed the 35mm feature film, Turmoil, in addition to several short films and documentaries and has served as Post Production Supervisor on a dozen 35mm projects.

He formed his own production company and has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, helping clients with storytelling, user experience, design research, social media, content creation and videobranding.

Michael’s interest in user-centered design (UCD) took him to Europe where he studied at the foremost Ethnography program in the world at the University of Dundee. There, he immersed himself in ethnography, user experience, focus groups and the art of storytelling.


Michael has lived in Scotland, London and Japan has worked and travelled to more than 20 countries around the globe.

Michael is a synthesist, bringing the world’s most insightful research, visual strategy and digital marketing tools together to form a cohesive process.

He incorporates insights based on user needs, responses and behaviors to create influence.

Michael is fluent in user-centered design, videobranding and storytelling.

Michael Koch, Insight Guide


Meet Tom Van Steenhoven, Story Guide.

Creative Director, Corporate Culture, Meeting Designer, Black belt, Emmy Winner, Clio Award Winner, novelist, Harvard Business Review Author, Children’s book author, Corporate Storyteller, playwright, Strategic Designer, Copywriter, Voice of Customer champion, musician, Facilitator, composer, Relevance Marketer.

Tom spent ten years in advertising, working at five different agencies in three different states. Tom was Creative Director at his last two agencies and has won every major national award for his work, including an Andy, One Show and Clio––even a regional Emmy for a Cystic Fibrosis campaign.

Some of his major accounts: 3M, Toro, Polaris Snowmobiles, Dairy Queen, IBM, Honeywell, Norwest Banks, AT&T, U S WEST, Dayton-Hudson Corporation, Trane Air Conditioning, Union pacific, ConAgra, Ford, Mutual of Omaha, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coors, Hilton Hotels, TCI, Wendy’s, Harley-Davidson, Winnebago, StorageTek, Citicorp, Caterpillar, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Archer Daniels Midland and many more.

Tom went freelance and helped Fortune 500 companies further their agendas through advertising and marketing.

Tom spent the next ten years immersed in corporate culture, creating ‘experiences’ for both employees and customers.

Tom has written several novels, a musical comedy, a thousand songs, lyrics, a children’s book, magazine articles, short films and a hundred corporate stories. Tom also wrote a chapter about corporate storytelling in a Harvard Business Review book, titled, What Managers Say, What Employees Hear.

Tom’s proudest business successes:

1989: StorageTek. We wrote and produced a meeting for the financial community in New York City. Through corporate storytelling and a series of videos, we influenced StorageTek’s stock prices to rise 7 point during the meeting.

2002: San Juan Regional Medical Center, the largest employer in the county. The hospital had tried three times to get the community to pass a $30-million bond issue. And failed three times. Through corporate storytelling and a series of videos, we influenced the community to finally pass the bond issue. 84% voted for it.

2004: Riverside Hospital near Chicago. They were experiencing 18% turnover every year, which they estimated was costing them $3 million annually. Through corporate storytelling and a series of videos, we helped reduce turnover from 18% to 5% in just one year.

2005: American National Bank of Texas, the nation’s largest independent banking chain.

Through corporate storytelling, workshopping and a series of videos, we helped increase bank customers by 12% and deposits by 23% in just six months.

2006: Lancaster Hospital, Pennsylvania. The hospital acquired two other hospitals, and none of the hospitals were playing nice in the sandbox. This new hospital system tumbled into the red. Through one meeting, employing corporate storytelling and an interactive event, we helped get all three hospitals to connect with each other. The Lancaster Hospital System was back in the black in just five months.

2010: Jeppesen, a Boeing Company. Through one meeting that employed corporate storytelling and a series of videos, we contributed to double-digit sales increases.