The VOC Workshop. research from multiple customers while delivering your brands preamble through customer engagement.

We mean business.

Lucid’s Voice of Customer Workshop is engaging education.

First, we seek to discover two things: 1) What do your customers really think about your company, product or service and, 2) How do you know?

Like the User-Centered Design world, the VOC Workshop follows a four-step process:

Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

Discovering the Voice of Customer can offer profound Insights into your business and the way you do business. The Voice also helps your company create Influence among your customers and potential customers.

We help your company Define your customers. Who are they? What are their pain points? What are their needs, wants and desires?

We show your company how to Develop reporting tools to make the Voice of Customer not only understandable, but actionable. We connect VOC to corporate strategy.

And finally, we help your company Deliver new processes, new interactions and ultimately, new ways to interact with your customers that create ‘an experience’.

Through VOC, ethnography, visual strategy, video branding and corporate storytelling, we help your company become more relevant and vibrant to customers, illuminating the sales process and enhancing long-lasting customer relationships.

The VOC Workshop is available as a full day, half day or online.

The VOC Workshop.

We mean business.